Paula Lotz, ADD and ADHD Consultant

Neuro-Motor Therapy for ADD, ADHD, Autism, Parkinsons and Sports Improvement

Paula is a special education teacher with certification to provide Interactive Metronome therapy. Interactive Metronome (IM) is a neuro-motor therapy that has resulted in improved expectations for patients with ADD, ADHD and Austism by assisting patients to reach measurable functional gains in a shorter period of time.

The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented process that challenges the patient to synchronize a range of hand and foot exercises to a precise computer-generated reference tone heard through headphones. The patient attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor actions.

A patented audio or audio and visual guidance system provides immediate feedback measured in milliseconds, and a score is provided.

Today, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Educators, Athletic Trainers, Licensed Rehabilitation Medical and Mental Health Professionals Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Chiropractic Care Professionals are enhancing traditional therapy approaches with IM and achieving measurably improved outcomes. IM has been shown to improve:

•Attention & Concentration
•Motor Planning & Sequencing
•Language Processing
•Behavior (Aggression & Impulsivity)
•Balance and Gait
•Motor Skills

Phone: 970-846-6648

IM Neuro-Motor Therapy for ADD and ADHD
IM Neuro-Motor Therapy for Austism
IM Neuro-Motor Therapy for Parkinsons
IM Neuro-Motor Therapy for Sports Improvement

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